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Woodland Asset Management (Pty) Ltd is an investment manager that is responsible for the management of the Woodland range of funds/portfolios in partnership with Analytics Consulting.

Partnering with Analytics Consulting
Analytics Consulting is an independent investment consulting and product development business that provides investment services and bespoke product solutions to the top independent financial services businesses in South Africa. The Analytics Consulting team originates from the Investec stable and includes technical specialists who have worked for some of the top financial services businesses in South Africa: including Allan Gray, RMB, Stanlib, Momentum, and Stonehage Fleming.
What is our mission?
It is our mission to provide investors with investment solutions that can address their needs in terms of returns in a stable and predictable fashion as far as possible, and in so doing, reducing the loss incurred by client behaviour due to an expectation gap between how their portfolios behave and how they thought it would. Fund Management is about the ultimate outcome for the client, not the outcome for the fund. We view this as a key differentiating factor between companies that create long term wealth for their clients and those who create short term excitement.
We do asset management with the end in mind
We do not envisage accomplishing this by relying heavily on individual fund manager alpha, our own, or any others’ ability to predict the future or the short-term gyrations of markets due to events like geo-political instability, pandemics, or the like. We firmly believe that a long-term strategic asset allocation with a focus on valuation cycles and sporadic temporary large mispricing of assets, provide you with the best opportunities to outperform your peers over the long term. We understand the temptation that comes with short term accolades and are committed to focus NOT on short term performance but rather long-term sustainability of targeted outcomes.

Discover the solutions to your investment requirements

When it comes to long-term wealth, there is no use in short-term solutions that create temporary excitement just to lead to disappointment in the long run. For this reason, we have put together a range of asset management solutions that are aimed at outperforming and outlasting other investment instruments (in the long-term) that rely too heavily on predictions and reactionary decision-making.

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