Is cash king once again?

See the bigger picture with your investment strategy By Samuel Rossouw 2/9/2023 I’m frequently reminded of the good old days when the Springboks ran the ball, fuel prices were low, and you could earn decent interest on your money market investments. Given the current higher interest rates and recent stock market fluctuations, it might seem […]

Property market: Why so quiet?

Sellers are not adapting to changing market conditions By Andró Griessel 29/7/2023 The residential property market is currently so quiet that you can hear the crickets chirping. In my opinion, the majority of residential property sellers (as well as their agents, unfortunately) fail to consider the evolving circumstances of the last 18 to 24 months. […]

Who are the latest winners?

Who are the latest winners? Offshore equities perform the best in 2019, however… By Andró Griessel 11 Jan 2020 If you’ve got the impression that your investments have picked up slightly in 2019, you’re right. 2019 was probably the best year since 2015 for the average investor. However, keep in mind that it had the […]

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