Premiums can be a fatal blow

By Elmie de Jager Life insurance as a form of saving is not the best plan Mike Tyson, the legendary American boxer, once stated: “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth”. In our profession we often see people who believe they have a plan that can work… until they get punched […]

Beware of a Trojan horse

By Andró Griessel Understand your premium patterns over time People take out life insurance for various reasons. It varies from taking care of a family when the breadwinner passes away to covering debt, to buying out a co-shareholder, covering estate duty and even using it as an investment for the next generation. Little attention is […]

Inheritance: Here’s a plan

Inheritance: Here’s a plan In the first article that I wrote on inheritance by means of a comprehensive life policy (Click here to read more), I argued that people should think outside of the box, as it might be risky not to. Today I’ll try to explain what you might encounter outside of the box… […]

Think twice about the inheritance you leave behind

Think twice about the inheritance you leave behind We frequently come across a situation where clients try to sort out their children’s bequests through life insurance, while other fixed assets (such as a farm or a company) are transferred while the testator is still alive. This strategy is popular among farmers where the son becomes […]