Purchase price determines success

Time in the market better than timing the market – fact or fiction? By Andró Griessel 3/9/2022 You may have often heard the remark: “It’s time in the market that counts, not timing the market.” I have uttered these words a lot and there is some truth to it and is, of course, said with […]

77 challenging months for returns

Do you want to fire your financial adviser? By Andró Griessel 04/06/2022 For my sins, I have been involved with investments for the last two decades. I can confirm, without a doubt, that the last 77 months (which mockingly sounds like a lucky number) have been the most challenging period to generate decent returns (5% […]

Investments: So how much interest do you offer?

Investments: So how much interest do you offer? By Cassie Carstens Although this question is not phrased in a sensible way, it is one that is often asked. This is due to the turbulent nature of everyday news flowing from markets and the desire for a consistent pattern of return. A more appropriate question to […]