Reality vs. Theory

The path to an investment’s end destination is not level By Andró Griessel 3/12/2022 Have you ever had the experience of consulting your financial advisor for help with your investments and when talking about expected returns, the advisor refers to a long-term inflation-related return, typically inflation + 5% or something similar? Sometimes a simplified 10% […]

The ‘intelligent’ approach to investing

Why a predetermined process is better than reactive behaviour By Deidré Valentine 1/10/2022 It is almost the end of 2022, and the new year is beckoning. At the beginning of every year, my peers find it strange that I don’t believe in setting New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to focus on creating sustainable habits rather […]

Ask the right questions

…to make better investment decisions By Samuel Rossouw 07/05/2022 I often wonder why prospective clients ask certain questions when I meet them for the first time. They are probably trying to gain a better understanding of the suitability of the advice, but often these questions give the experienced salesman the ammunition to sell his products […]

Be mindful of rand depreciation panic

By Andró Griessel The past teaches valuable lessons about what might follow Would you believe me if I tell you that I know what you Googled exactly 5 years ago? I can at least make a reasonable guess. It was probably “who the hell is Des van Rooyen”? On 9 December 2020, it was exactly […]

Wishes do not always come true

By Cassie Carstens There are, however, ways to get the gift of investment peace of mind Even though Christmas season is not about gifts, most children sit in front of the tree on Christmas Eve, shaking, smelling, and looking at their wrapped gifts to guess what’s inside. We all know the feeling of excited anticipation. […]

Do you also long back to 1985?

By Andró Griessel Are you certain that it was truly the ‘good old days’? I miss 1985! Life was good! Desiré Steyn said yes to being my girlfriend, my golf handicap was 12 (now 30), I flew in an airplane for the first time in my life (which was in fact for golf) and just […]

Be wary of partial truths

Be wary of partial truths It may result in bad decisions that cost you in the long run By Andró Griessel 16/5/2020 In times of extreme uncertainty, many of us are likely to be more susceptible to being influenced and will blindly follow the opinions or advice of experts without the necessary dose of scepticism. […]

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