What does the crystal ball of 2022 say?

By Andró Griessel 22/01/2022 At the beginning of each year, all sorts of financial “gurus” try to look into the proverbial crystal ball and then dare to make a prediction or three. I’ve made peace with the fact that I am not skilled with predictions and especially not with the exact timing behind them. So, […]

When things don’t make sense…

By Andró Griessel Be mindful of irrational vigor in the market Many of us, myself included, started 2020 with the bravado of a Datsun 1400 bakkie. However, by mid-March 2020 ended up on its roof like you would expect from such a bakkie. Move the clock to 31 December and the returns of 2020 look […]

What to do with property?

What to do with property? Great opportunity for tenants to buy property By Andró Griessel 18 July 2020 The prime lending rate has been reduced to 7.25% on 22 May – the lowest it’s been in 50 years! This has been done in an effort to uphold an economy, which is hanging by a thread […]

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