Monitor your instrument panel

Hoping for the best is not an investment strategy By Elmie de Jager 1/7/2023 It is unlikely that any pilot will undertake long and demanding flights without going through a meticulous process. Before embarking on their journey, pilots determine the distance to be covered, ascertain the necessary fuel quantity, assess the prevailing weather conditions, and […]

What to do with Naspers

Does the sharp decline in share price create a crisis or opportunity? By Andró Griessel 02/04/2022 There’s one stock that has been a hot topic as of late; we are, of course, talking about Naspers. The share price has declined by more than 50% over the past 12 months. To see half of your investment […]

How scared should you be of the CGT-monster?

By Andró Griessel Be careful of the merry-go-round thought process with tax The idea to defer tax, that will be payable at some point, for as long as possible, is grounded in the notion that there is an opportunity cost related to paying the tax immediately and therefore forgoing the future growth on that “lost” […]

RA’s: Friend or foe?

RA’s: Friend or foe? If used effectively, it holds numerous advantages By Cassie Carstens 01 Feb 2020 It is that time of the year where everyone reminds you that you should make your retirement annuity (RA) contribution before the end of February to reap the benefit in the current tax year. To be honest, there […]

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