Recipe for the Eighth Wonder

Time is the secret ingredient your investments need By Samuel Rossouw 4/5/2024 Investment guru Warren Buffett often refers to compound interest as the eighth wonder of the world. But how does this wonder actually work in practice? Do I need to start saving at 14 like Mr. Buffett, or can I only begin using my […]

Distrust can come at a high price

Let a financial planner examine your financial structure – and win By Elmie de Jager 24/2/2024 My heart literally aches every time there’s news about a shady financial advisor. In the comments, you often read people saying, “See, they’re all a bunch of crooks… that’s why I’d rather keep my money safe in the bank.” […]

Focus on what doesn’t change

A few things to consider when you plan for 2024 By Deidré Valentine 23/12/2023 As we start a new year, one tends to reflect on everything that has happened throughout the previous year: what unfolded as planned and what surprises caught us off guard. When looking at the year ahead and attempting to plan for […]

No one knows what 2024 might hold

But reflecting on the past provides valuable food for thought By Andró Griessel 27/1/2024 Traditionally, in my first article of the year, I review the preceding year in the financial markets—examining long-term trends and considering their implications for the future. I do this without attempting to play the role of a modern-day Siener van Rensburg, […]

Power of ‘One’: The impact of small differences

The impact over a long period is enormous. By Andró Griessel 25/11/2023 One point makes a big difference. South African rugby supporters once again realised this in the recent Rugby World Cup tournament. We are unlikely to ever underestimate the power of one again. One point, one second, one day, one hour, one person, or […]

Wealth Manager, Deidré Valentine, speaks to Citywire.

The Woodland Wealth CFP believes an AUM or fee-based financial adviser environment is best for client outcomes By Tracy Benjamin 7/11/2023 Citywire South Africa regularly profiles financial advisers and wealth managers via short Q&As. Name: Deidré Valentine. Firm: Woodland Wealth. Position: Wealth manager, CFP. Who is your favourite type of client? Someone who sees their […]

Springboks’ Playbook for Business Success

Lessons from rugby on winning strategies in unlisted interests and valuations By Cassie Carstens 28/10/2023 It would be almost inappropriate not to refer to the final of the Rugby World Cup in this article. There are wonderful lessons embedded in sports, and the Springboks’ journey to the final is filled with such examples. Rugby is […]

The paradox of choice

Be careful to invest more offshore just because you can By Andró Griessel 30/9/2023 Early in 2022, the permissible percentage for pension funds and retirement annuities to invest offshore was increased from 30% to 45%. This change to Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act was welcomed by most people in the retirement industry, but […]

Is cash king once again?

See the bigger picture with your investment strategy By Samuel Rossouw 2/9/2023 I’m frequently reminded of the good old days when the Springboks ran the ball, fuel prices were low, and you could earn decent interest on your money market investments. Given the current higher interest rates and recent stock market fluctuations, it might seem […]

Property market: Why so quiet?

Sellers are not adapting to changing market conditions By Andró Griessel 29/7/2023 The residential property market is currently so quiet that you can hear the crickets chirping. In my opinion, the majority of residential property sellers (as well as their agents, unfortunately) fail to consider the evolving circumstances of the last 18 to 24 months. […]

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